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Why Travel With Cruz the Coast?

 Cruz the Coast take care of all the hassles of travel – no waiting at sweltering bus stations, panicking about finding a place to stay or wondering where to get a bite to eat late at night or a decent internet connection. This leaves you free to concentrate on experiencing the best that beautiful Brazil has to offer.

Cruz the Coast guides speak English and Portuguese and know where to find all those off-the-tourist track treats that simply can´t be found when taking the direct bus or flight. Think hidden waterfalls and tiny coastal towns. Perfect waves, remote islands washed by the clearest of clear water, home-made chocolate from a road-side family farm… Cruz the Coast will take you to places that just aren’t in the guide books.


Comfort, Safety and Convenience

 Cruz the Coast offer door-to-door transport aboard comfortable air-conditioned mini-buses. Their experienced drivers and expert guides are there to tell you exactly where you should go (and where you should avoid) at every point of the trip.

Value for Money

Crucially for budget-conscious travellers, Cruz the Coast guides know where to find the best-value food and drinks, the fastest internet connections and the liveliest places to hang out. With Cruz the Coast, you´ll avoid the tourist traps and see places like a local and at local’s prices.


                                     Packed Itineraries

 With Cruz the Coast, you´ll be making the most of every minute of your travels. The tours pack a huge amount in, whisking travellers from point to exciting point without wasting any time at nondescript locations.You might be climbing a 30-metre-high sand dune one moment in the morning, wildlife-spotting by a wild mangrove river in the afternoon and dancing forro with locals in the evening. One thing´s for sure – you´ll never be bored on a Cruz the Coast tour.



Set Your Own Agenda

walk to trancoso At Cruz the Coast we know that no two travellers are alike. While some people like to party every night and take part in adventure sports by day, others like to chill out with a book from time to time. While some like to stick with the group, others like to carve their own path.

With Cruz the Coast, travellers are free to set their own agendas. Activities are laid on every day and night, but you’re free to opt out and do your own thing whenever you want.