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Party people are drawn to Rio de Janeiro like moths to a flame, and never does that flame burn brighter than during the legendary Rio Carnival.

Cruz the Coast offer 3-Night, 4-Night, 5-Night and 6-Night Rio Carnival packages, all of which offer a carnival experience like no other.

During Carnival, Rio lets its collective hair down, throws inhibition to the wind and explodes into a frenzy of dancing, drinking, crazy costume-wearing and round-the-clock hedonism. With Cruz the Coast Carnival packages you’ll know that all the practical issues – such as accommodation, transport, where to find the best parties and making sure you don’t miss a single beat of the best Carnival action – have all been taken care of, so you can just relax, make new friends and soak up the awesome feast for the senses that is Brazilian Carnaval.

Held at the height of Brazilian summer, Rio Carnival is a heat-soaked, caipirinha-cooled, samba-driven party like no other on the planet.  And, should energy levels start to flag, the legendary beaches provide the perfect opportunity for recharging the batteries and working on that golden Brazilian tan. Detox with an icy-cool coconut water or re-tox with a tangy caipirinha at 9am. Anything goes during Carnival!

And while the world watches the fabulously flamboyant carnival parades from TV screens, with Cruz the Coast you’ll be able to see and experience the excitement right close up – even throw on an exorbitant costume to shimmy and shake alongside the city’s legendary samba schools as they parade through the Sambadromo stadium.

Rio’s carnival party action is not limited to the spectacle within the Sambodromo either – street parties, or blocos – are the all-welcoming heart of Rio Carnival, and these free events  see literally millions of revellers take to the streets to party the night and day away.

Cruz the Coast’s expert guides know exactly where and when the best street parties (blocos) will be held, and will be on hand to take keen revellers right to the heart of the action. With Cruz the Coast, you can choose to take part in as many or as few of the pre-arranged activities and parties as you choose – so if you’d rather sleep off your hangover or take a sightseeing stroll around downtown than join an early morning street party, you’ll be totally free to do so. This is your trip, and you can set your own agenda!

With much of Rio’s carnival action centred in and around downtown, Cruz the Coast Carnival packages offer 3-star hotel accommodation right in the heart of Lapa, Rio’s super-lively party district. Solo travellers will be paired up with others of a similar age in twin rooms complete with two individual beds, en-suite bathroom, mini-bar, safe and air-conditioning.

A big buffet breakfast will be served until late each morning, offering a chance to refuel before embarking on another day – and night – of adventures in Rio, and the hotel’s central location means you’ll be right at the heart of the carnival action as well as being within a few minutes’ walk of supermarkets, ATMS, affordable cafes, bars, restaurants and beauty salons (Brazilian nail art is legendary, and it costs surprisingly little for the type of mani-pedi that you’d pay a fortune for anywhere else).

Cruz the Coast guides will be on hand 24-hours to offer tips about where to go and what to see, as well as practical information on important issues such as safety and local transport. There are daily and nightly activities included in Cruz the Coast’s Carnival packages, and exciting extras such as taking part in a samba school can be arranged for an extra cost.

Ask now for a detailed itinerary and list of inclusions for the package you’re interested in: 3, 4, 5 or 6 nights! Why not also add a Cruz the Coast overland tour to your carnival package (either immediately before or after Carnival). Our Rio to Salvador tour, Salvador to Rio tour and Rio State Loops will all be on offer during this time. Contact us for more details…