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  • Great value tour with great staff with insider knowledge! I thoroughly enjoyed the two tours I did with Cruz the Coast. The first tour was from Salvador to Rio, stopping at all of the beautiful beachside villages along the way. I also did the Rio Carnival package which was great for a solo traveller as the guides took us to all the best street parties and offered a variety of optional activities to party harder and experience the cultural side of Brazil. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and well organised. I'd recommend this tour to my friends.

    Amy Carmichael
    (Australia, March 2015)

  • Cruz the Coast is great way to see Brazil! Hassle free and really fun. Luciana is so sweet, she is amazingly patient and accommodating. I was alone traveling not speaking Portuguese, and found CTC a huge comfort. I would definitely do it all over again!

    Jenny G
    (Yosemite, CA, USA, Febuary 2014)

  • I went out a 2 day tour with Cruz the Coast to Buzios. We took a boat to some incredible islands and got to stay at an awesome hostel in Buzios. Overall the trip was very relaxing and stress free. Luciana was amazing. She was always trying her best to make sure everyone was having a great time and did her best to make sure our plans after Buzios were taken care of! She sat down with us and gave us suggestions and tips on what to do next and even bought our ticket back to Rio! I will definitely be back for their 11 day tour! Thanks

    Valleria Mya
    (Boston, USA, January 2014)

  • Estoy a punto de partir de Rio y solo tengo palabras de agradecimiento para las lindas personas que conocí en este viaje fueron 15 dias maravillosos desde el comienzo hasta el fin... realizamos dos tour de 4 dias cada uno... primero a Arrial do Cabo - Buzios y después Paraty - Isla Grande los paisajes son espectaculares y la ayuda, orientación, simpatía de los guias y la calidad del servicio que entregan es la mejor... me quedo con la sensación de querer quedarme mucho mas tiempo y es sin duda por ustedes que nos facilitaron las cosas e hicieron de nuestro viaje una excelente e inolvidable experiencia... gracias Luciana Almeida y Jorge Olea los llevo a Chile en mi.

    Maria Z
    (Santiago, chile, Febuary 2014)

  • Couldn't fault it - love to do it again. Typically unorganised I came to Rio (from London) for a quick break but once I got there didn't really have an idea of how to go about seeing the rest of Brazil...stumbled onto CtCB on the web...thank gawd I did...lovely crowd, great places, very chilled/laid back but I suspect a tad of professionalism behind it all as they looked after me very well....great job!

    Tim P
    (London, UK, June 2013)

  • I usually do not do tours, I'm more of a do-it-yourself traveller; however, I was offered the opportunity to do this tour and I took it. I could'nt be happier, best invested money ever. I visited Paraty which is a historial small town from Rio de Janeiro and Ilha Grande. I'm 100% sure that if I had done the trip by myself, it would have taken more time, lots of hassles and money. On this 4 day tour, I relaxed myself, I knew the options given for hospedaje, and food where the best deals which means good quality on a good price. Made great friendships and got beautiful pictures. Thanks Cruz the Coast!

    Ester Porter
    (Costa Rica, October 2013)

  • So good, I Cruz'd the Coast of Brazil twice! I have travelled now with Cruz the Coast Brasil in October 2012 from Rio to Salvador, and because I loved it so much...again in July 2013 from Salvador to Rio. Friendly, Relaxed, Easy and FUN way to travel! The Cruz the Coast trip offered me a safe way to travel in Brazil, as an Australian with no idea how to speak Portuguese, a backpackers budget and travelling solo...it was perfect. The trip went to bigger beachside cities like Rio and Salvador, the trendy towns of Buzios and Arrarial d'Ajuda, but my favourites were Itacare and Itaunas...places I would of never have ventured too. Cruz the Coast staff, speak English, Portuguese and Spanish....they recommended places to see, to eat and organised day trips out for the group...I went horse riding, surfing, day cruising, canoeing, to amazing waterfalls, watched chocolate being made and ate loads, learnt to make caprinhas and then drank many!!...The list of what you can do in the week is endless.... Accomodation is mixed along the way, mainly pousadas or hostels which are all clean, safe and in great spots. The guides have knowledge in all the local customs and culture, so being a gringa in Brazil I learnt alot about the Brazilian culture, I tried many new foods, fruits and local produce that I would have been otherwise too scared or shy to try...haha. The crew of travellers I had on both trips were awesome, and they came from around the world...Europe, England, America, Argentina, New Zealand etc...a really mixed age group, singles and couples and we still keep in contact years later. A week along the best beaches of Brazil....memorable :) Thanks Cruz the Coast!!

    Christiane Koehler
    (Byron Bay, Australia, July 2013)

  • Best thing in Brazil after Carnival itself!!! We had such an awesome trip with Jonny and Jane we could do what we wanted and got to see some really amazing towns along the way and meeting with the tour coming the opposite direction turned into an all nighter!! More like travelling with friends that know what they're doing rather than tour guides. Would definitely do it again!

    Panzy McCarl
    (England, Febuary 2013)

  • I booked both the carnival package deal and the beach hopping trip from Salvador to Rio with this company and had a truly amazing time at both. The carnival package was EXTREMELY good value for money. I paid about the same amount that I was originally planning to pay for only 7 nights in Rio and got accommodation in Rio and Salvador, a flight between cities, free food an booze in Salvador and a ticket to the Sambadrome. The organisers (Jane and John) went to a huge effort to make sure that everything went smoothly and that I had a great time. It was a great feeling after travelling alone to have people looking out for me who knew all about Carnival and the cities I was in. The chance to do both Carnivals relatively cheaply (nothing related to Carnival can ever really be called cheap) is a fantastic opportunity for anyone. I would have paid a lot more for what I got. I can't imagine a better Carnival experience! I didn't think I could have as much fun as I did for Carnival week until I took the Cruz the Coast trip from Salvador to Rio the week after!! The tour felt less like an organised tour and more like a road trip down the coast with good mates. The destinations and activities were amazing, and almost impossible to do on your own due to lack of transport etc. Once again, fantastic value for money and extremely well organised. Can't recommend this company enough for any backpackers in this area. Was the highlight of a three month trip!

    Mia Ryan
    (Australia, Febuary 2013)

  • SO much fun!!! I was a little hopeless (as any good traveller is) and booked last minute but they were so helpful and fit me in and also gave me recommendations of what to do for a couple of days before the trip started!! They've got great knowledge and it's such a safe and flexible way to travel in Brazil! It's not your "typical tour" and it's not a straight "transfer service" either - it's a great mix of something laid-back in between... Well done guys - keep living the dream in Brazil! :)

    Cas Bordin
    (Australia, Febuary 2012)

  • Thank you so much Cruz the coast, you really did make my time in Brazil memorable. Chasing the sun with you up to Salvador it was an experience I’ll never forget. Your hospitality and organisation were amazing… Even when we were constantly running late haha. Between horse riding down the beach and great nights out, it was fabulous having people that knew the ropes and the good places to go to make our holiday amazing. Plus having someone who knew how to speak the language was a definite plus :) I will be sure to recommend you.

    Tara Cooper
    (Australia, June 2011)

  • Cruz the Coast you guys were amazing. Made our trip to Salvador an awesome experience from quad biking to rafting, eating out at some amazing restaurants and visiting places off the main track where we would never of found. One of my personal favorites was the boat ride, jungle trek and lobster lunch. Awesome day! Thank you so much for guiding us all the way Jane, highly recommended.

    Mark Wright
    (England, July 2011)

  • Cruz the Coast I cannot thank you enough for such an incredible trip! You made our Brazil trip unforgettable, we could have never done the amazing things we did without you! Horse riding down the most beautiful beaches, boating around the most amazing waters I have ever seen, Capoeira lessons, river boats, the freshest seafood you could imagine! Not to mention the Caipirinha making course :-) It was the best holiday, so well organised, and Jane all of your recommendations were 100%. Thank you so much for guiding us through the rest of our trip! We are missing you already! Would definitely recommend Cruz the Coast Brazil to all, thanks so much guys! Amazing job xo

    Daniella Richter
    (Australia, July 2011)

  • Cruz the Coast! It was a very good trip, thank you for everything, probably the best holidays ever! Capoeira, Caipirinha, Sunshine, Crazy group! Benetton group miss you! A good and simple way to have a broad vision of Brazil, thanks.

    Mug Ishongore
    (Belgium, August 2011)

  • Cruz the Coast is the name of the game, do it! You will remember it forever in a very good way :) Thanks everyone.

    Nicolai Meberg
    (Norway, August 2011)

  • Thanks for the amazing trip guys! You were brilliant hosts and we got to see some amazing places. Highlights include the horse riding in Itaunas, the door-to-door transport, and the endless caipirinhas! A brilliant way to see that stretch of coast!

    Thomas Colebourn
    (England, September 2011)

  • Cruz the Coast is amazing! If you're even considering it you should do it :)

    Kiran Herbert
    (USA, October 2011)

  • Félicitation à Cruz the Coast Brazil et à Jonathan Flynn pour ces 12 jours magiques! Des plages et des paysages vraiment exceptionnels! Je reviens dans une semaine pour la refaire dans l’autre sens!

    Jean-Baptiste Reynes
    (France, Jan’ 2012)

  • Had an amazing time with Cruz the Coast! Miss my buddy’s :( Hope to be back in wonderful Brazil soon!

    Jaap Laan
    (HHolland, Jan’ 2012)

  • Had an amazing time cruzin' up the coast of Brazil with our guide Anne O’Brien and driver Roneiro in December! Showed us some places we thought we’d never see and met some amazing people along the way. Thanks Cruz the Coast for doing the planning for us - it made our trip a lot less stressful and we were able to relax and enjoy the beauty of Brazil! Would recommend Cruz the Coast to anyone wanting to see Brazil.

    Mary Kelly
    (Australia, Jan’ 2012)

  • Tudo bem? Man I’d love to be in Itacare now getting smacked around by some waves. Jon and Jane thanks so much for an amazing trip, it was non stop fun from start to finish. I can’t believe we fit in so many places and activities into such a short space of time. I’d do it again in a heart beat.

    Fin Fosset
    (Ireland, Feb’ 2012)

  • I had the best time on Cruz the Coast with Anne as our guide! All of the locations were great and it was nice to see some places that other tourists don’t usually get to. I would definitely recommend Cruz the Coast as an excellent way to get from gorgeous coastal town to gorgeous coastal town in Brazil.

    Kendall White
    (Australia, March 2012)