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Day 05

Guarapari – Itaunas

It’s a comfy pants day again as the Cruz the Coast van sets off on another six-hour bus ride, which will take you up to the nature-lovers’ paradise that is Itaunas. A colourful town on the banks of the river that gives the town its name, Itaunas is just a footbridge away from towering 30-meter sand dunes, wild ocean beaches, mangroves, flooded forests and a mind-boggling array of tropical flora and fauna.

Itaunas also happens to be a huge centre for forro music. This sultry, accordion-led soundtrack to North-eastern Brazilian life is accompanied by what is probably the most popular and easy-to-learn Brazilian dance. Yes, even more so than samba!
You’ll be offered the chance to take a forro dance class and, to help you shed any inhibitions, you’ll also be shown how to make the perfect caiprinha cocktail – with plenty of taste testing included!  Inhibitions shed and dance steps mastered, it will then be time for a night out partying with the locals under the star-filled skies of Itaunas.

INCLUDED: – Caipirinha cocktail making & tasting class and Forro dance class (if you choose to take it!)