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Day 02


Itacare has always been popular with Brazilians. There are only a few places in the world where nature has been so generous, offering such diverse attractions in one single place. Coconut-fringed beaches, tropical rainforest, waterfalls, adventure sports and some of the best surfing and capoeira in the world! You won’t be disappointed in the night-life either… Itacare is known for it’s live reggae music and nightly parties.

Today you will be taken on an included excursion to what is known as the ‘lost’ or ‘hidden’ beach. To get to the stunning beach of Prainha we must hike through the rainforest for 40mins… passing by various cascades and streams. Surfers should bring their boards today. Prainha has great waves!

Later on, we will offer you an included capoeira lesson, on the beach closest to the town centre. Your instructor, Jamaica, is not only known throughout Bahia, but all over the world as one of the most respected capoeiristas and teachers of this Afro-Brazilian martial arts.

INCLUDED: – Guided jungle trek to Prainha Beach & Capoeira class (all levels) with Mestre Jamaica