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Day 04

Day trip to Trancoso

For those keen, we will walk for 3-4 hours all the way along the beach to the quaint little town of Trancoso. The timing of this walk will depend on the tides, but we’ll try to arrive in time for lunch. Since the establishment of Trancoso in the 16th Century hardly anything has changed. The town has a beautiful ‘Quadrado’, a long grassy square with a little white-washed church at the far end overlooking the dramatic coastline below. Lining the quadrado are colourful little Portuguese houses. A photographer’s dream!

Later, we return in our bus to Arraial and go out for another night on the town!

INCLUDED: – Half day beach walk* to Trancoso & surrounding beaches

* For those feeling lazy there will also be the option of getting a road transfer both ways!