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Rio to Salvador

Starting your adventure in Rio? Come and experience the best of Brazil; beach hop with us all the ...

Salvador to Rio

Starting your adventure in crazy, colourful Salvador? Come join us as we take you from Bahia all the ...

The Places We Go

Brazil is full of surprises. Even the major cities are surrounded by incredible natural beauty. Dazzling beaches, vast ...

Carnival Packages

Some people may try to tell you it’s not possible to go to both Rio AND Salvador Carnivals ...

Tips and Recommendations to prepare yourself for Carnival

The most important thing to know about Carnival is that during this time of year, anything and everything could happen – and it most often does! It’s a crazy time of year, a time when people let their hair down, throw their inhibitions out the window and do things that they maybe wouldn’t normally do! […]

Salvador Carnival

Salvador Carnival is completely different to Rio’s and also anywhere else in Brazil! Whilst it is known to have less tourists and more Brazilians, in particular a lot of Brazilian students mostly from Sao Paulo, the number of international tourists are growing rapidly each year. Salvador Carnival is said to be the biggest street party […]

Brazil Carnival -The Basic Low-down

Is it ‘Carnival’  or ‘Carnaval’? In Brazilian Portuguese, it’s written as ‘Carnaval’ but for the majority of the rest of the world, it’s written as ‘Carnival’; though both are correct! How did Carnival start? The first festivities of Carnival date all the way back to the early 1720’s. Carnival was the 1 week period, celebrated in “Carnival style”, […]

Rio Carnival

Rio has over 70 samba schools. They are not schools as such, but rather ‘associations’. Each samba school represents a different suburb or ‘comunidade’ in Rio. Many of these comunidades are also favelas. These samba schools work and practise all year round to prepare for Rio Carnival. They are organised into six competitive leagues. The […]

Safety in Brazil

How exciting: You’re going to Brazil!!! But why is it that every time you mention the word Brazil to people at home they bring up horrible words like “violent”, “scary” and “dangerous”… Is Brazil really that bad? We don’t deny that Brazil has its fair share of social problems. There have been numerous books, articles […]

Before you Arrive to Brazil

Brazilian Tourist Visas It’s best to check your country’s current status at the time of your travel, as requirements can change all the time. Many nationalities (at the time of writing New Zealand, UK, Ireland and most of Europe for example) will be issued with 90 days upon entering the country. You will fill out […]

Why You Should Visit Brazil

If you had to sum up Brazil in one word, what would it be? For us it would be ´beleza´; beauty… Brazil’s beauty lies not only in its natural wonders, but also in its people and culture. But lets take a look at the natural wonders first. Brazil makes up almost half of the entire […]